ProductWiki V2.0 bugs and wish list

Posted by avatarJan last updated November 16, 2007 at 9:05 am


  • png images don't display in browser
  • new actions for rss
  • fix wysiwyg editor to forbid certain code so the website layout doesn't get messed up
  • when you edit a forum post there is a space in the header of the layout (firefox)


  • product tabs that behave like tabs (fewer or no page reloads)
  • ability to agree or disagree on the competitors, sort of a vote for the competitors (to "community validate"). Would work as the edit function to prevent abuse?
  • make the cookies remember some preferences automatically, favorite view for example (product list or the other)
  • top picks sub-categories displayed (top picks in "sub-cat"), instead of "in its class"
  • display an icon legend at the bottom of the recent changes page