ProductWiki V2.0 bugs and wish list

Posted by avatarErik last updated November 16, 2007 at 9:58 am

Good suggestions, Jan.


All of the bugs you have listed should be easy fixes. I have a question about the third one. FCKEditor (wysiwyg editor) has a "paste as text" button (we're currently not displaying it) that removes all html. Would that be a suitable solution?


I like these suggestions as well. Did you know that you can vote on competitors already? Click the "Vote!" link in the competitor section. The results of this voting powers all of the top picks on the site, so its very important. You can't vote on the related products by design, and the idea is that they work similarly to an external link. Related products are things like accessories and complimentary items (think hammer and nail) so it's not about a ranking or anything. However, that's something we could debate since the functionality for voting on related products has been roughed in.