2008 United States Election

Posted by avatarCharon9 last updated March 2, 2008 at 9:54 pm

You know, it makes me sad and disapointed in 'Americans' that they can see and admit their government, and its representatives, have commited the Highest Crime there is - the only "Crime" defined by the US Constitution...but... they choose to ignore it and allow the government, and its representatives, to continue to commit these crimes as there are, "Larger issues" involved.

Well, there is only one issue here and that is Criminal, by any definition.  It is also "Your" government doing it, and it is doing it in "Your" name or by your authority.

I would be happy to prove every single bit of what I said, that these actions are Treason as defined by the US Court system and US Law - it is also the exact reason that the treason clause was added by Madison. I would also be happy to prove that the US Constitution and the rights and limits setout therein cannot be voided by any act, that is not treason. IE: It cannot be amended to void a right already defined. Both in law and caselaw dating back to times before 'america' was founded such actions are Treason. I will also show you the caselaw where the US Supreme court has said this since 1803. I will also show you where the people that wrote the constitution are "THE" authority to its definitions, and the US Supreme Court agrees.

Remember though that it will require you to read things, lots of things, and read resource material, such as:
DOJ and FBI crime statistic reports - IE: that show that there has been NO decrease in crime since the implementation of handgun ban's - in Washington DC as well as internationally in other countries. In fact the Washington DC Handgun ban has been in effect for over 30 years, and there has been NO decrease in crime in that area; in fact the states with the largest drop in crime rates have been the ones that have passed Concealed Handgun laws.

These things will teach you, without question, but you will not like them as you will realise that the 'mass media' event (so spoken of in the first posts here) are a lie, that you are not being told the truth, or worse you are only being told 1/2 the truth. You will also learn to think for yourself instead of what 'they' think you should think.  You will also learn to question things.  You will stop listening to CNN, FOX, or whatever media you currently listen to and it will not take long before you realize that they are lieing to everyone, and then you like a lot of others will stand on the outside and be amazed at what people will believe simply because the TV said so.

However I will not waste time in showing you this information if you will not read it, or take from it what you can learn.  I have wasted many years of my life attempting to teach the blind to paint, the deaf to play Vivaldi, and the average person to understand how their own government was created or "how it was soon parted from its original intent" (T. Jefferson).
Remember, that I will teach you nothing, you MUST learn it yourself but I will be happy to provide all the source material for you to do just that.
You can bring a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.