2008 United States Election

Posted by avataryaminb last updated April 6, 2008 at 1:20 am

ah, stumbled onto this productwiki and wandered onto the forums :)

And now I'll needlessly voice on my views on the US election.

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Preface:  I'm a fairly libertarian person, so if I could, I would have voted for Ron Paul.  Yet he didn't get the nomination, and I'm a Canadian, so it's rather pointless :)  

I'll make a 2 main points about Obama.

1.  He is your run of the mill democrat in terms of policies:

There is very little in his platform that actually make him stand out.  As a matter of fact some of his policies are strange.  For example his promise to have seniors making under 50k not pay any tax.  How does this make sense?  Younger people are just starting out in life; definitely don't own a house  and might even have kids to take care of.  Yet, he promises this tax break for only seniors? 

2.  The hope people are putting in him is dangerous. 

I'm more concerned with this point actually.  I'm Indian, but I grew up in Africa and I've heard this kind of politician before.  Great speaches, able to rise the masses with promises of equality and the end of poverty.... let's just say it doesn't end well.  It's actually one of the reasons I admire Nelson Mandela.  He earned the freedom of his country and then left politics.  He didn't promise the world...only freedom.  This is not about black or white.  It's about people putting their faith in politicians to fix bad situations in an easy way.  It's this kind of mentality that led to Germans electing Hitler.  Germany was in bad shape post WW1.  Rather than deal with the realities of the country, they elected Hitler who promised a return to glory, jobs, pensions...  I'm not saying Obama is going to be this bad...but it's the mentality of people that is worrisome.

I can't even think of a single politician who promised people such things and actually delivered a good solution.

I doubt a libertarian candidate will ever get elected as too many people are dependent on government, but if we were to take a Canadian example:

I liked the chretien/martin years.  They were not at all inspirational, but they did what government is supposed to do...they got the job done.  They got the country's finances under control, reformed the pension system...

Contrast that with Canada's closest thing to Obama, Trudeau, who didn't bother to pay for any of his programs.  He just spent like a drunken sailor (debt from 24% GDP ot over 45% GDP) and acted in a very fascist way towards quebec.

This worshiping of politicians is also what gave George Bush his elections.  It just so happens he made great promises to those on the right.  We just needed to 'believe' in him to change the world...so much good that did.

So call me the guy who wants to vote the most boring but effective politician.  That's the only time I've seen politicians be effective.

If I had to vote for any of the US Candidates right now:  Obama, Hilary, or McCain... I would say they're all bad choices.  Yet, I would ultimately vote for McCain as he seems to promise the least and appears the most boring.

As I say...if you want inspiration...find Jesus/Allah/Bhudda.... leave the politicians out of it.