2008 United States Election

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Please forgive the shoddy and fast reply here, I am so very busy that you may not believe it.

Rez born - nonBIA here. So I catch it from both sides.
To give a little background for you. I had a history teacher who used to be a lawyer (of all the combo's). He enjoyed pointing out the inconsistencies in the history books, and the hugely debatable issues as well. He inspired me to do the things I am doing now, and have done as well.
I think he had the best plan. He was truly teaching us, and those few who would listen to him he gave as much information as we could handle. Note that he did not "tell us" this or that, he gave us the information so we could go learn it ourselves. I learned quickly that to understand "Law" and or "Politics" you had to study religion and a lot of history.
In any case I have been through the gambit on it; about 25 years now, and that one teacher is to blame!
I will not say you’re a defeatist, simply frustrated that nothing works would be more like it. It also does not help that people don't care as long as they don't have to stand in line too long, unless of course it directly affects them then they scream to high heaven about the injustice.
I agree there are no "Free" countries anymore, but we have to define "Free" I think. Absolute Freedom is the ability to do anything you want, unchained by morals or society (don't remember who said that) - so no, Freedom is anarchy - IE: no structure at all. Freedom within the context of society is the freedom to do anything you want as long as you do not cause harm to another in doing it.
I also agree with the US Constitution on its original design, IMHO some of the best minds worked out that document to create a government that was the best blend of a Representative Republic ever brought about. They did not invent it, admittedly, they stole it from other works that have been around for a very long time.
The people who designed it in fact did have a LOT to say on the shape it took after they were too old or out of the main-stream for it. All of this stuff is public info, the problem is it has not been made into a TV show so no one takes the time to read for themselves, check out http://etext.virginia.edu/jefferson/quotations/ (a collection of Jefferson's writings on constitutional issues).
I have read about half of Jefferson's library (all of his personal observations and letters), what I can find from Madison, and everything by Story (printed). 
Madison and Jefferson both said that they designed the US Government to be so cumbersome that it couldn't do these things, one of the largest reasons (ways) was to design provisions that there was no standing army so they (the USA) could not get involved in foreign wars (foreign intrigues, to quote Jefferson).
In any case however you are correct that the USA has become all that, and more (if you research the background stuff that does not make the news).
All of this was facilitated by the shift to Communism in the 1930's - the "people" were bribed with socialist programs to ensure it happened without a rebellion - a true bloodless rebellion if you will.
(Revolution - the process of thought brought on by a new ideal (Plato) / Rebellion - an upheaval in society or government that normally follows a revolution (Plato))
So, What to do about it...
First up you cannot change what is there, from the inside or by any normal action.  It was designed to be cumbersome and unwieldy for a reason, what they did not really foresee is the unwillingness of people to charge their leaders with the only crime they gave us against them; Treason. Or to take the other powers the people were given in hand and do something about it (Jury Nullification, it ended prohibition). Think of "Death by 1,000 cuts" and that is what all these small and almost insignificant violations have become.
I also agree that you are correct about society as a whole. You simply cannot raise children and teach them these things all their lives and expect them to behave any differently. Hitler and the Nazi's learned very fast that if you can get the children you have the parents, the only mistake they made was making these changes fast - america is smarter it is making them slowly. It adjusts their minds from not only school but from the #1 source, TV.
People think this is a "Three Branch Government" (the USA and its constitution) - However people cannot read, it is a Four Branch Government, with the first power listed first - "We The People" I think it was a mistake to not enumerate 'those powers' if you will. Jefferson and Story both had a lot to say on that, but what is done is done.
In any case (because this is getting long and not well written). In an idealistic world anything will work, but in reality people are mean, dirty, and self-centered - and that is the good people. Ask yourself if you have ever made an off the cuff racial slur, or other comments like that. I have, and it is not right.
I have had others tell me to pick my battles, and aim for the winnable fights. I ignored them. For many years people have told me that the battles I have chosen, the really big ones, are not winnable or even fightable - but I am today proving them wrong. I tried to 'win the small ones' but found out that you cannot change the little stuff when there is a bigger problem behind it, the small ones will fall in line with it.
I am not a defeatist, I also do not aim for the top of the tree when I know I can reach the top of the mountain, then I aim for the moon - because the mountain is something I know I can do.
Here is a story for you, you should know how this works (Being "Indian"):
In my front yard I have a HUGE pile of ants; they come in my house bite my feet and cause havoc. I have swatted a few but I have an all natural way to poison their food and kill the queen, so that is what I did.