2008 United States Election

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The Pennsylvania Rundown

So yesterday was the Pennsylvania primary. This didn't mean much for McCain, as he is already the presumptive nominee, however it could have ended the battle with the Dems between Hillary and Obama if Obama had won. Obama did not win. The vote was 55% Hillary, 45% Obama. The current delegate total is as follows:

Barack Obama - 1719

Clinton - 1586

Personal Political Views

I am pissed off. Unless Hillary gets 100% of the vote from now on, she is going to be behind Obama. She can not match his pleged delegates or popular vote. She needs the superdelegates to win. And the superdelegates are not going to go against the will of the voters, because they want to get re=elected again. All that Hillary is doing is hurting the Democratic party in general by constantly attacking Barack Obama. McCain doesn't have to do anything at all, Hillary doing all the fighting for him. If the Democrats lose in November, I'm blaming it on Clinton.

Barack Obama needs to win the Indiana and North Carolina when their primaries come up in two weeks. He's definitely got North Carolina, but currently he is behind in Indiana. If he manages to win both of these, the race is pretty much over. The same thing could have happened with Pennsylvania, but Obama couldn't pull it off. What's kind of annoying is that Obama has had some many chances to get the nomination in the bag, but hasn't quite pulled it off. After Iowa, Super Tuesday, the Texas/Ohio/Vermont primaries, Pennsylvania. It's not to say that Obama hasn't done well, he just hasn't won every state when it mattered the most. Hillary needs to drop out. I will not stand for McCain as our President.

Additionally, I watched Hillary Clinton on the Today show and Good Morning America this morning, and whenever they asked a question that mattered, such as questions about the negative nature of her campaign, and the fact she can't win in pleged delegates, she didn't actually answer. She evaded the question by talking about similar things, and then said that she actually had more individaul votes than Barack Obama, which is not true. Obama is up by about 500,000 in the popular vote. (14.8 to 14.3 million). The news anchors need to be harder on Clinton.