Community Question: What to do about "spam" articles?

Posted by last updated October 7, 2007 at 7:07 am

I am too late to see the spam, but I would like to submit an idea. Just removing spam, might not be good enough. Spam exists because someone is buying the stuff. Otherwise, why do they bother. My guess, is the spammers are not the manufacturers, but at most an affiliate. I think it should be considered that the spammer has volunteered their "product" to be reviewed, and the best source researched. A kind of snopes database can be created. Maybe, if popular enough, spam sales might decrease. Serve the needs of the spammers targeted consumer. Use nofollow, and exclude from the front page. Merge similar products into one entry, but keep the "new" text hidden in some hashed database for searching. A bookmarklet can search the database from any site or email, thus spreading the antispam. That's my idea :-)