Opening the door to the apartment revealed quite a startling scene: what a year's worth of accumulating dust and sand can do to a floor.  This wasn't your usual layer of dust, this was some hardcore grime that had worked its way in with compound interest.  But as with all of these things, the job must be done, and done it was.  Though long and laborious the task was, I realized it was strangely calming and satisfying.

I doubt the Swiffer could have handled a job of this magnitude, and there was a mop that was readily available, but I opted to go for a more traditional route.  In movies they always show the little asian kids or grown german men scrubbing the floors of dojos and monastaries.  I was always curious as to the worth of these practises and if the technique really did connect one with the rest of the Universe.  Also, I've been starting to notice a little pudge around the midsection which I want to get rid of, so why do some arbitrary excersizes when I can work out and do something productive at the same time?  So back and forth I scrubbed the entire floor for 6 hours, sweat dripping from my face, my arms and back aching. 

But it was awesome.

I could see the fruits of my labours glistening before my eyes, and the rhythmic motion of scrubbing back and forth lulled me into a numbness that made the time just fly by.  Before I knew it, the floor was done.  The lasting effects weren't all positive mind you, the next day bending my back sounded like cutting down a redwood, and my knees made it clear what I'd done every time they kissed the ground.

This eblow greasing experience really has brought a new idea to light though.  Why waste all the countless amount of hours and calories of energy doing ultimately useless excersizes in a gym?  Wouldn't it be cool if somebody setup some public works projects that people could do instead of lifting some steel slabs?  Want to work on your back, lift some bricks to build a house.  Pound some nails for your arms.  Carry cement for your legs.  On and on, I'm sure a productive activity could be found for each muscle group a person wants to work on.  Really, the big problem that would have to be solved is the one of convenience.  Some people really do work out at 2AM.