how to make audio cd and mp3 and vcd so that i can play them using xbmc on my xbox

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how to create audio cd, mp3 cd and vcd's so that i can play them in my xbox using xbmc. i have xbmc installed on my xbox. i create audio cd, mp3 cd using Nero smartsuit but it did not played on my xbox. the xbox recognized it as 'NO DISK'. but when i played original audio cd of the songs of enrique. it was working. please help me how to create the mp3, audio, vcd ourself. i have bought the xbox recently. i m in a great trouble. PLEASE HELP ME. 
The problem isn't with how to make these CDs, but rather with the type of CD/DVD media you are using. Personally, my Xbox works with most CD-RW, DVD+R and DVD-R, but is very finicky with CD-R. The media compatibility depends on which drive is installed in your Xbox, as there are several models.

Check out this compatibility list. It will only apply to the specific drive that he is using, but it can be a starting point.

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