Toronto 2007 Fringe Festival

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I was in Toronto this past weekend visiting some friends, and lo-and-behold I find out that the Fringe Festival is in town. I've been to one other Fringe Festival, and that was in Ottawa about 4 years ago. I liked it a lot, the independent atmosphere, the affordable ticket prices, the concentration of culture.

Considering Toronto is a much bigger and culturally diverse place I figured the quality of the products would be higher. And I was right! I ended up watching two products.

Two for the Bush - a one-woman production that is the sequel to "The Burning Bush" which won many Fringe awards last year and around Canada. It's about a Rabbi who leads a band of strippers giving spiritual guidance to bachelor parties and Jewish seniors. The performer is a fantastic story teller, and the show is worth it for the ending alone. It's a pretty funny show throughout with the ending touching every single person there.

Jesus in Montana - this time a one-man production. This is a monologue/slide show where Barry Smith recounts his very own experience of falling for and joining a cult in the early 90s. Its hilarious and fascinating at the same time, as Barry gives a deep view into his life with old photos, rap songs, and a really bad mockumentary about Big Foot. The juxtaposition of this seemingly normal guy on stage speaking about how he believed an 80 year old child molesting retired chiropractor was really the return of Jesus made it all the more bazaar.

Both shows were great and if you have the chance to check them out, either in Toronto for the next week or so, or elsewhere I recommend it. I'm gonna try and see if I can attend anymore shows before the festival ends.

Yeah these are pretty awesome - I was going to go to one last night, but there was that big storm and I ended up not going out. But there is certainly some really good stuff on, a friend of mine has been going to as much as he can fit in practically. Think I'll try and see Jesus in Montana tomorrow.

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