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With the advent of crazy new media players like the iPod Touch and Archos, I think the taxonomy structure should be modified a bit.

Right now the stucture is as follows:

Electronics->Portable Media Players->(MP3 Accessories, MP3 Cases, Docking Stations, MP3 players)

My suggestion:

  • Electronics->Portable Media Players->(Player Accessories, Players)
    • Player Accessories->(Cases, Docking stations)
    • some products will be categorized just in Player Accessories, which new subcats being added as necessary

The properties specific to MP3 players are as follows:

  • Capacity
  • Player features

I think Capacity should be renamed to Maximum capacity, and Player features CAN stay, but I don't think it's very useful anymore. Ideally it should be cleaned up. And we add a new kind of property: Storage types, which would include hard drive, flash drive, and compact flash based.


And underneath electronics, we might need a completely new category that is Convergence devices, or something like that. Things like the N810, iPod Touch, etc that play music, video but have a sophisticated interface that lets you control more advanced applications, and all of them have a WiFi connection.


It sounds good to me.

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