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Where to find........ Those elusive screen shots, product pictures, descriptions and the like.
I posted this hoping to help others when looking for this type of information, hopefully others will add to it as time goes on and we can have a good general resource for information of this type.

Product Logo's, Screen Shots & Box Shots:
The best places to find this type of information is on the product manufacture web site but NOT in the normal areas go to the Press Area and look for Press Kits. The normal box and product shots on the web site are lower quality, small, or have graphics that you don't want here. Most companies like free advertisement and provide this type of information to the general public with few conditions. 
One note of usage however, you have to read the terms and conditions for usage. Microsoft for example is very strict in allowing changes, or bad reviews so please pay close attention to those terms. 
The second note would be while we want good quality pictures, medium is normally enough, some press releases include "Print Quality" shots in large format - in actual size these things are HUGE and we don't need them that good.

General Features:
These same press kits will normally have good general feature descriptions, some are copyrighted and some are not. It is also bad form to use them here as a general rule, but they can give you a good guide/template to creating one for this site.

Tech Spec's:
These types of specs are normally in the detailed features, the support area, or a little deeper into the web pages for a product. Sometimes you have to use retailers to get the info. A few notes on tech specs would be to watch that you don't list line by line for the same basic things:


Nice idea for a thread, charon9. I like it. Maybe we can use it to post ongoing content tips.


The press kits from the manufacturer are a great resource for high-res photos. I also use Google Image Search quite often to get at those hard-to-find images. I make sure to look at the image resolutions posted in the results. You really have to be careful that you're finding the correct image, in a decent size.

Tech Specs / Features

I really believe the job of ProductWiki is to distill and filter the information out there. While, most manufacturers will post detailed specs on a product, it takes a keen eye and some a priori knowledge to extract out the meaningful numbers. For example, in the receiver/amplifier world, mfgrs often report power in Watts per channel, but they often don't state if it's peak or dynamic power, or whether or not the power rating applies if all speakers are being driven at the same power. To me, it's more important to be succinct than thorough.


For images I use Live search: it's faster and usually has better results.

I'm also finding it useful to read about an entire line-up of products before writing the first report. By learning about all the products in a line, how they differ and what the step-ups are I get a clearer view of what the manufacturer is trying to do. This makes a lot more sense in the electronics world of course.

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