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This thread will be used to track software updates with subsequent versions of the ProductWiki platform. This post will highlight the version history of the platform, with subsequent posts listing the specific updates. While the software platform has been under constant development, we'll start tracking the changes as of the version 2.0 release in November 2007.


2.0.0 - 11/14/2007

  • new competing products section with head-to-head voting
  • new related products section
  • top picks system for picking top 3 products in their respective classes
  • redesign of home page to include most active categories
  • full 2.0 release notes
  • bug fixes and wishlist


  • i'll add to this here later

2.0.2 - 01/28/2008

  • added moderator functionality
  • promoted first set of moderators

2.0.3 - 01/31/2008

  • product description history
  • article/product description HTML diffing

2.0.4 - 02/06/2008

  • people who liked this liked that
  • inline product gallery
  • moved pros/cons up in the product report

2.0.5 - 03/12/2008

  • completely reworked search to use Google Custom Search
  • friendlier user page URLS (ie.
  • stub product report functionality
  • registering/signin/openid fixes and UI cleanup

2.1.0 - 05/13/2008

  • new and improved profile pages
  • feeds (recent changes, profile, dashboard)
  • friends (following, followers)
  • dashboard view on your profile
  • improved RSS feeds

2.1.1 - 06/17/2008

  • category browsing and product list redesign
  • segmenting recent changes by category
  • home page redesign
  • category/product experts
  • succinct product summaries in lists
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v2.0.3 released!

Product description history and HTML "diffing" of articles has been (re)introduced. Moderators and contributors alike can look at the history of product descriptions and use a nifty diffing tool (thanks to Daisy Diff for the backend).

To access this functionality, have a look at a product's history tab (eg: and click on the "compare versions" link. This brings you to a list of the changes to the product report's description, with the ability to look at previous, or compare versions using the diffing tool. It is done in a similar way to Wikipedia.

Have a look at this example, comparing subsequent versions of the description. The new edits are in green and the old edits are in red. You can use your keyboard's left and right arrows to cycle through the edits one-by-one.



Just a quick note on a bug fix. There was a problem with the "compare" versions button in the diffing system. There was an extra "w" in Oops. Fixed.


v2.0.4 released!

A fairly small update:

  • there's a new "people who liked this, also liked that" section on each product report based on user tapping
  • product gallery has been added inline in the body of the product report
  • "pros/cons" moved above "competing products"

v2.0.5 released!

  • New ProductWiki Search: We now use Google Custom Search which is faster and better. Instead of using a custom solution we now leverage Google's specialty: search. The actual search engine powering the system can be found here.
  • URL convention changes for user pages: We've moved to an easier-to-remember user page URL. What used to be is now Don't worry, the old URLs forward to the new ones using a 301 redirect (for you webnerds out there).
  • Stub Products: This is a concept we'll be expanding on soon. Basically, you can add a product with only the title and that starts a "stub" version of the product report. If you're signed in, you'll be taken directly to the edit screen directly.
  • Registering/Sign-in/OpenID: various fixes and UI improvements to signing in and registering.



Just a minor improvement I want to point out. We've added an "acronym" button to the FCKEditor toolbar set. This is useful for is to insert an <acronym title="DESCRIPTION"> tag into your description. If you just read "what this is useful to blah a blah blah into your blah", then here are the pictures:

The button:

Acronym button

The example:

The example

You can define acronyms (like HDMI, LCD, HTPC, PVR, HDTV, EPG, S/PDIF, MMORPG, etc.)


v2.1 released!

  • User profile redesign: user profiles have been redesigned (see mine as an example)
  • Feeds: Activity now shows up in a feed format in 1) Recent Changes, 2) Your public profile, and 3) your dashboard
  • Friends: Yes, now you can add (or remove) friends, people you add as friend show up as "following", and those who add you as friend will show up as "followers".
  • Dashboard view: By going to you'll see a feed of your friend's activity, and any activity on product reports that you've worked on in the past.
  • Improved RSS: You can get any feed in an RSS format (recent changes, profile, dashboard)

RE: v2.1 released!

As with most releases, there were a few hiccups. Some quick bug fixes/UI fixes that we've caught so far:

  • OpenID: signing in with OpenID wasn't working for about 2 hours after we released
  • Paging: a minor bug that wouldn't allow you to page through recent changes
  • Profile UI bug in IE: for some people the right-side menu would appear at the bottom of the page
  • Private messages: couldn't send private messages to users as their first message
  • Feed UI: We reworked the aggregation of the feed to make it more legible (don't group by category or taps)

If you see anything strange or get any errors, please post them in this thread, or better yet this one.


v2.1.1 released!

Last night's updated (9pm ET) included significant improvements to the product list pages as per community suggestion in this thread. The full list of improvements/fixes:

  • product lists: redesigned for both specific categories (leaf nodes, ie. televisions) and general categories (ie. home theater)
  • recent changes: added the ability to filter recent changes by category (ie. recent changes in home theater)
  • product summaries: the product summaries found in lists on the home page and category pages are now in a more compact and succinct form including pros, cons, price, and release date
  • home page: some changes to the look and layout of the home, most notably including pictures of products with categories
  • experts: you'll see list of most active community members on both category pages and product reports chosen by activity within that category or on that report
  • navigation:
    • there's a new navigation menu for traversing all the categories (you'll find it on the right of both recent changes and product lists)
    • you can toggle between recent changes and product lists with a link in the upper-right corner for each category
  • user messages: fixed the "see all" messages bug
  • suggested friends: fixed it. :)

Thanks goes to dialupinternetuser and yaminb for their help in coming up with some of the designs and finding some bugs.


Not an official release, but we just deployed a series of bug fixes including that nagging "add an external link" doesn't take after you add a pro/con thing.

We added a "Save and continue editing" button to the product report edit page on dialupinternetuser's suggestion.

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