My discussions would probably generate flake and draw criticisms (all well and good) but do refrain from attacking me personally for I will suffer no fool

Humanitarian aid workers: concerned with reducing suffering and improving the conditions people live in

This is a good thing right?

Now of recent I have seen some movies read some books all surrounding war zones or genocide prone areas ,this guys are there helping, even going deeper than neutral forces or in some cases  places where Un forces dare to thread

Then the expected happens!

They get killed, maimed or even kidnapped and then we the neutral forces are expected to ship our asses into the DEEZEE to extract them or the bodies (if that’s the case) WTF, WHY?

Do you know how many good men go down trying to attempt this usually impossible feat?

Personally I feel this people in as much as their intentions are good should be physically restrained from going to such areas, but in the face of heavy objections should be made to sign a ‘your ass is on your own disclaimer’

Your rejoinders please