I'm from Brazil and I bought a Tascam US-144 in LA in LA. After one week it started to make a weird noise.

I just used it 3 or 4 times so the problem started. The weird is it does noises even if I just plug it via USB port. I tried on my PC, on my mac... I downloaded the last version of firmware and drivers and nothing worked.

So I got in contact with them and, guess what? After waiting 6 days for some answer, I didn't have any further information just a "you must get in contact with the dealer". I was expecting some kind of support coming from them. So, I already talked with the dealer (Guitar Center Hollywood) and they tried to help me as best as they could.

The point is I'm with the US-144 making noises (it's so loud I can't hear anything else if I try to record) and trying to figure this out. Anyone can help me with some kind of information? It happens even if I plug it on a computer without the drivers or with the last one available. I don't know if someone already had this kind of problem and noticed its simple to fix.

After reading a lot of foruns about Tascam, I can conclude they don't have a serious customer service.

Thank you!