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I want to get a snow blower/thrower for the folks.  Anyone got any recommendations?  No clue on where to start on this one.

Brands?  horse power?  two-stage looks like the way to go from what I see.






Yeah, you've got to go two-stage.

I grew in Sudbury in Northern Ontario where we would regularly get 10+ ft of snow in a season. That combined with a driveway that was a few hundred feet long, meant a lot of snow removal.

I'll save you all the headaches. Get a Honda, two-stage, track-drive snowblower if it's in your budget. My Dad's is still tearing it up. It may be expensive, but after MANY hours using it, I wouldn't recommend anything else.

Start here:

Honda makes fantastic small engines, and there snowblowers, lawnmowers, outboard motors, and four-wheelers are very tough to beat.

One other piece of advice. Don't underestimate the value of a good, wide scraper style shovel and a large "snow float". Between these two items, you may not even need a powered solution.

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