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Pretty cool stuff going on here with the latest site update. I have to say this has me the most interested in ProductWiki that Ive ever been! I want to go back and review my thoughts on every product I have and have voted on.

Here are some of my initial thoughts on the system - of course they are very fresh in my mind, and are prone to change...

For one I really like the aesthetic. Might be a little crowded, but the new features are very well done, and that can be tweaked anyway.

As for the review scores themselves… Overall I feel a lot of my personal reviews (read: not seeded material) are surprisingly reflective of my beliefs about these products.

From the few that I've looked over, my eyes have opened up to how I really feel about these products. I rated the ER4P a 60? But I love these things! Oh wait, I do have problems with certain aspects... Yeah... a 60 is still positive, but it does happen to be far from a perfect product...

F.E.A.R. 2 a 62 over Farcry 2 a 32? Yeah.. actually..

Grado SR80? a 44! Not quite right... at least now that I've gotten used to other headphones and have a basis to compare them... Add a few positive aspects.. A 60, okay, similar to the ER4P. I do feel that way I guess. And the pros I added seemed to balance out my earlier negativity.

So what do you think about this? In a way it grounded my perceptions of the products I love, but at the same time it made me go out of my way to want to change my review to more "accurately" reflect the way I felt. It might (dare I say certainly will) make people angry – look at all the Apple products – but it might also make people realize they do have problems with the products they love too. The instinct to smash 5/5 or 100% will fade (hopefully, it has already for me) and it will encourage individuals to actually add to the site, and not just vote (again... hopefully).

Any other feelings you have about the site?

As always bugs or suggestions can be filed with the authorities, or just left here for me to think over and submit as my own >:]


Great post, Yale. I'm really curious what everyone thinks. I agree with a lot of what you're saying, the ProSCORE seems to fairly accurately reflect the product's value. That was the idea!

Some interesting/contentious results: 

.. ProductWiki doesn't fair too well :( Mostly because of the misnomer CON "Can be addictive"


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