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MSRP $529.99
Release date April, 2010
Brand HTC
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The HTC Droid Incredible is an Android 2.1-based touchscreen smartphone released by Verizon Wireless Networks in late April 2010. It features a 1GHz SnapDragon processor, 8GB of internal storage, and memory expansion via microSD (32GB). Also included is a 3.7” WVGA AMOLED display and, more importantly, an upgraded version of the notorious HTC Sense UI, which "seamlessly aggregates" all a user's social network information into one organized stream of updates. Unlike the Nexus One, the Droid Incredible runs a more genuine version of HTC Sense, versus the One’s “stock version.” This in turn allows for improvements like an expanded homescreen, ultra-fast navigation without bugginess, and a handful of HTC’s own widgets. According to Engadget, the HTC widgets “offer far more functionality than Google’s options.”

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8GB of internal storage

standard micro USB connection

3.5mm headphone jack

HTC's custom Sense UI

features the latest revision of Android (2.1)

external storage expansion via microSD card reader (up to 32GB)

8MP camera with dual LED flash and autofocus

beautiful VGA AMOLED display (same as that found on the Nexus One)

features the current high end 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU

physical volume rocker

generally improved touch response (both buttons and display) over the Nexus One

optical trackpad

improved speaker / earpiece sound performance over the Nexus One

Flash Lite included

Atmel maXTouch sensor for multi-touch (high precision, very low power, can detect indefinite number of points on the screen)

edgy angular aesthetic - not your everyday HTC

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no HD video option for the camera

aesthetic design isn't that sexy

display is difficult to read in sunlight, suffers from oversaturated colours

a standard 'starter' microSD card is not included (with Verizon)

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