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MSRP $449.99
Release date October, 2009
Brand HTC
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The HTC Tattoo is a late 2009 product designed to let the consumer take full advantage and integrate with social networking sites and software. Text, twitters and photos are just a few of the things that can be placed on the HTC Tattoo's screen because of its fully customizable cover and interface. Instead of a windows operating system, the phone comes with Android which means it has full access to the Android market of widgets, apps and game downloads, making the phone a game console, personal computer, and link to the social internet all wrapped into one small package. The HTC Tattoo comes with a search feature, making it easy for the consumer to sort through their contact list, emails, events on a calendar, scour the web and even sort through tweets on Twitter.

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3.5mm headphone jack


Android OS

microSD slot for expandable memory

3.2MP camera


slim / compact compared to other devices

mass market device - lower cost than other HTC Android offerings

built-in FM radio

Includes slick, customizable HTC Sense UI

2.8" touchscreen display

Good build quality

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Resistive screen - no multitouch

Difficult to type on such a small screen

Bluetooth does not allow file transfer

no QWERTY keyboard

no internal storage

Runs Android 1.5 which is somewhat obsolete

No trackball, has a D-Pad which is not as good

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