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MSRP $299.99
Release date November, 2009
Brand HTC
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The HTC Tilt 2 is a The HTC Pure is a Windows Mobile 6.5 based, AT&T smartphone released in November 2009 as a replacement to the original HTC Tilt. It utilizes the latest version of Windows Mobile, as well as a 3.6” touchscreen display with HTC’s proprietary TouchFLO 3D custom user interface. This new interface lets users quickly open an application by choosing from a bar of shortcuts laced across the bottom of the screen. Truthfully, the Tilt 2 is nearly a duplicate of its peer the HTC Pure — which was released a month earlier — save for the addition of a QWERTY keyboard; this model is much more friendly to people who frequently employ mobile emailing. Emailing is just one function available, as the Tilt 2 includes a plethora of Windows applications, including (but not limited too) web browsers, a media player, and even Microsoft Windows Live.

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keyboard has nice, large buttons that respond well

controls are all very simple, nothing hidden or hard to find

durable, can be dropped a few times without breaking

strong signal, calls rarely drop, sound quality is good

attractive curved bezel that doesn't seem too bulky

small and light enough to fit comfortably in your pocket

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occasional lag while you wait for it to process a command

battery life isn't very long, needs to be charged every day

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