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MSRP $399.99
Release date November, 2008
Brand HTC
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The HTC Touch Pro2 has a nice big QWERTY keyboard that is fantastic for e-mails on the go. This feature is combined with a functional touch screen, and a Straigh Talk speakerphone that is designed to deliver high quality sound good enough for a business conference. Adding onto the speakerphone feature is the conference call functionality of the phone. It is designed to make multi-party calls quick and easy by just tapping the touch screen and incorporates appointment reminders that que up the phone number and conference PIN, ready to be pressed.

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3.2 MP camera is adequate, takes decent pictures.

Full 5-line tiltable QWERTY keyboard is comfortable to use.

User interface looks nice and is fairly easy to use, navigate.

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Features the now dated Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS.

Fairly beefy build (4.57 X 2.33 X 0.66 inches)

Tends to be sluggish at time due to older hardware.

Lacks some really basic features such as a headphone jack and a dedicated camera button.

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