Suggested Product report guidelines

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Suggested Product report guidelines


  • ANY kind/form of S P A M is forbidden.
  • NO nudity.
  • NO sex related products.
  • must be kept children safe.
  • Default images should easily identify the product.
    • For software and other products you cannot hold in your hand we suggest you use the product's logo.
  • External links and image names must include the product name.
  • Do not use any code (within descriptions,comments,posts) that breaks the page layout.
    • If you copy from a website (with formatting), paste in your preferred simple text editing software and then copy the non-formatted text to use with your: post, product report, comment.
  • If possible, include an edit description. This helps protect yourself (the user) and helps moderators and administrators of producktwiki.

Competitors and related products

  • The same product can compete and at the same time be related to another product.
  • Only direct competitors and related products.
    • If x product is related/competing with y product and y product does not serve the same purpose, do no add it to the list of competing/related. Use your best judgment for this.
  • Not all products from the same company either compete or are related to each other.
  • Do not list every product from the same manufacturer as related, this is considered spam.


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If we're going to post this anywhere else, explain how the  edit summary is protection. The product photos I disagree with. What about a TV, appliances, or bicycles? Also, this has kind of been done before. See this link, as well as this one.


products you can't touch, like software, should have their logos as default image, that's what I meant

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