Micro Counter 1200 - Adhrent Cell Counter

$6,250.00 Released August, 2012

Celeromics’ Micro Counter 1200, is able to measure cell confluence and cell concentration without opening the flask or Petri dish.

 Based on state-of-the-art image analysis processing, the system is able to calculate cell confluence, cell concentration, cell viability and cell size distribution (histogram), in less than 10 seconds.

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 The system has the following characteristics.

 -         Easy to configure interface. Just by clicking on cells on the screen the system automatically learns what should be counted.

-         Gating function, allowing users to filter out cells by size.



-         Reliable and reproducible confluence measurement

-         Reliable and reproducible cell concentration calculation without opening the flask.

-         Automatic Cell counting in washable chamber.

-         Viability measurement with trypan blue staining.

-         Growth curve generation.

-         Color measurement (for pH measuring, toxicity etc)

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