How to Get Your 360 Wireless Without Buying the Adapter

by Omar Nov 29, 2005 fileunderFound in Microsoft Xbox 360 Original

note: the instructions described here could harm your router equipment
Original credit for this guide goes to darknemus from gaming-age

Basic Idea

Using open source firmware you can modify a Linksys router (WRT54G) to act as a wireless bridge. You then connect the router to your Xbox 360, or any device with an ethernet adapter really and you have wireless connectivity.


The hardware used for this guide is the Linksys router WRT54G, this may work with other routers, but has only been shown to work with this router for sure. The dd-wrt does work for every version of the WRT Linksys router, so this guide should work with any version of the router.
First go to this link to learn how to flash the firmware of the router with the proper version.
Then go to this link to learn how to configure the router to run as a wireless bridge.
Next, set the IPs of your devices. Some working values are:
  • for the primary router
  • for the bridge router
  • for the Xbox 360
Plug the bridge into the 360's ethernet port and you should be good to go. Be sure to plug the ethernet cable into one of the normal ethernet ports on the router and NOT the WAN port.


1.  avatar radilewis said:

can i use my wireless router to connect to my xbox to my network? and if so how do i set up my media center to stream all my cool stuff from my pc? I already have a modifed xbox and a linksys wireless adapter but how do i get the xbox on my network?
Sep 27, 2006 11:32am
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