Alternative to IRC

Posted by avatarmclemming322 last updated February 18, 2006 at 12:55 pm

I loved your tutorial and I can't wait to get the hardware needed (game/action replay) I just thought I'd run this by and see what you think. Instead of downloading IRC you can use a simple web (java) based IRC. I personally used this one (You will need Java installed on your computer):
I'll even write up a mini tutorial to use it :)
1) Change Nick to what you want your name to be
2) Enter a password (this is if your name is registered) or leave blank
3) Channels replace with "#xbins"
4) IRC Network change to an EFNET
Click Go
Once inside the channel type :"/msg xbins !list" and look at the top. You will see xbins in a red box. Click here.
The reason I liked this method is I don't have to download anything extra and It works just as well. I perosnally am a n00b to IRC ( i do know more than some) But find that this solution will work better for many :) Let me know what you think.