Hard Drive upgrade

Posted by avatarmountcool576 last updated February 20, 2006 at 9:50 pm

ok, im having a problem with this, any help would be great. Im stuck trying to get my unlock code for my HD, iv gotten the code, but it doesnt work. In the tutorial it stats "It is important to not use any bios loaders, font hacks, sound hacks, or anything like this as we need a pure key generated for your xbox harddrive." so basically, im thinking if i revert back to my original xbox settings and dashboard (i.e. before starting the XBMC install) and then use the mechassault glitch and use "run linux" and get it from thier, it should be fine. But how do i revert back to before the installation. For instance, if i rename :E/dashboard/ to :E/dashboard_BAK/ will it load up the original dashboard? if not, if if their is an easier way, please let me know.