Hard Drive upgrade

Posted by avatarmountcool576 last updated February 21, 2006 at 12:32 am

ok, i tried it, and uninstalled it, then i went thru and delted everything listed on the harddrive thru xbox stock dash, then i started from scratch and did the run linux thing. It still generates the same exact hd key as before. it would seem as if its the right key then, but it doesnt work. i tried playing around in atapwd.exe and noticed taht seemed to be able to unlock the drive as well, and when i tried it thru that, it still didnt work.. here is the HDD info file that would show up...
Printing XBOX info
Eeprom version : v1.0
MAC : 0050F253634A
Serial : 211901714503
Video : NTSC
XBE region : 01
Confounder : 0000000000000000
HDD Serial : WD-WMA9N1069698
HDD Model : WDC WD80EB-28CGH1
HDD Key : 77f5b3b156d87f197d6f7c3dcd4c0844
HDD Locking Password : 5750be226691ac3ce80b71eae3de650812d55b0b
HDD Security Features
Security Mode feature set supported : Yes
Security Mode feature set enabled : Yes
Master password Revision Code : 0x0
Security supported : Yes
Security enabled : Yes
Security locked : No
Security frozen : No
Security count expired : No
Enhanced security erase supported : No
Security level : Maximum
btw, when i run atapwd.exe it says the hd is locked, despite that xbox thing saying it is not.