MechAssault Part No. Question

Posted by avataruberwolf253 last updated February 23, 2006 at 2:48 pm

I talked with the Customer Service Department of via live chat.
Here is the Chat Script.
Platform: Xbox
Part Number: 805529097704IE
Is this the ORIGINAL version, or the PLATINUM HITS version?
I do not see that information. It does not say Platinum Hits, so it more than likely is the original.
Does it say Game of the Year anywhere on the case? If not, what is the Part No.? The part number can be found on the back of the case towards the bottom left. I apologize for any inconvenience I am looking for a special version of this particular game.
Part Number: 805529097704IE
Are you sure that is the part number and not the UPC?
MechAssaultPlatform: XboxMade by: MicrosoftCategory: SimulationOur Price:$19.25 Retail: $19.99 You Save: $0.73! (4%)12 In Stock!Part Number: 805529097704IE--Release: 11/13/2002