Streaming and iTunes

Posted by avatarcyberchecker169 last updated February 24, 2006 at 8:44 pm

Erik, just thought you deserved a BIG THANK YOU for the great work you did here in the discussions.
I was easily able to get the expliot to work and XBMC as my dashboard. I can stream music from Shoutcast, stream my weather and receive RSS feeds when I have the DHCP setting selected. However I have not been able to stream music from itunes or my pc. I have set up the XBMC.xml as follows for itunes:
<name>iTunes Network Share (DAAP)</name>
<!-- only use an IP address here !-->
and I get failure to connect error. I am not sure what my settings should be, but when I have DHCP selected I can't ftp my xbox but I can get the weather, rss and shoutcast to work, when I have static selected I can ftp but no shoutcast or rss. I am mainly looking to use the streaming audio feature, so I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.
By the way I have iTunes Edit > Preferences > Sharing set to:
Look For Shared Music - checked
Share My Music - checked
Share entire library - checked
oh and I have my xbox connected by ethernet cable to a DLink wireless rounter in the LAN#1, my cable modem connected by ethernet to the wireless router WAN and my pc is using a DLink USB wireless adapter to access the internet...if that helps.