Help with live/XBMC

Posted by avatarelectrolancelot935 last updated February 26, 2006 at 2:06 pm

I installed XBMC using the steps, tried creating a ftp and failed. I shortly after got bored of trying. I also messed around with some settings in the Linux program, like selecting install mini linux and other random things. About two days later I uninstalled XBMC using the steps on this site. Then after that I tried to play Xbox Live and said I could not connect, saying my IP didn't work. I checked my PC's IP and realized my IP was changed for some reason, possibly my messing around with ftp. Then it said my IP was working after I changed it but now it said my DNS wasn't right. Although, my DNS on my xbox IS right, and so is everything else, like the MAC address and so on. To be on the paranoid side I deleted all of the XBMC Ltools and Linux Mechassault saves. This is as far as I've got and I wonder what my problem is. Do know I have no other mods on my Xbox of any kind. Thank you.