Help with live/XBMC

Posted by avatarelectrolancelot935 last updated February 26, 2006 at 2:37 pm

Ah, yes, correct. It's not that I believe that because there is some random peice of the mod still floating around my Xbox's Hard Drive Live is failing to work. I have heard that even if you get banned or something you can still obiouvsly connect to the internet, it just won't let you use the service. My worries are that while I tried to install XBMC and create a ftp I altered something that is not letting me. I'm guessing the alteration is very minute because it seems that all of the numbers and addresses and so on are correct.
On a side not I do thank you for this help and XBMC is general. This is very interesting to me and I thank you all for creating it and participating. Thank you.