Just installed it. Initial Observations.

Posted by avatarvoodooorama721 last updated March 11, 2006 at 1:12 am

1. Looks very cool. I hope to give up my closed box media player (Play@TV) for this. Though the XBOX is so loud!

2. Everything worked from the get go. However, found out that a windows 'mount point' folder cannot be read properly. Seems like the redirector gets confused and prompts for a username and password. Had to move 30GB of pictures to my boot partition. After I did that I was able to see the thumbnails but cannot see the full size pictures; neither one at a time nor in the slideshows. I only get a black screen though if I hit info on the remote it shows the names of the files, etc as it "shows them". Ended up delteing the 0face008 folders and it went away.

3. XBMC crashed frequently after installation. I looked briefly at the forum posts but did not find anyone complaining about this which surprised me. Many times while familiarizing myself with XBMC the system became unresponsive or the screen went black and I had to restart the XBOX. Eventually this behavior went away...until....see next.

4. Everytime I try to select a playlist (modified with the proper path) the XBOX freezes.

I will go now and read the manual...I know most of the questions I still have (creating shortcuts, adding skins, streaming web audio, etc, etc) will be answered there...