Umm... no /e/dashboard?

Posted by avatarcyberbob597 last updated March 24, 2006 at 10:49 pm

I followed your guide some time ago when it first appeared on and absolutely loved the results.  Bad news is I started futzing with stuff I didn't know about and bricked my xbox, so I had to go buy another one (VERY expensive mistake... backing up my eeprom would've saved me, but alas).  Now that it's changed, it is admittedly a little easier, however I have a small problem.  You say XBMC should go in the /E/dashboard folder... umm, I don't have that folder.  I dunno where to put it!  I just have /backups, /udata, /tdata, and /cache.  I also have an H: drive (weird) with stuff for UnleashX and a bios file and a bunch of other files.  The H drive has me confused, and my lack of a dashboard folder is a little odd as well.  Any ideas?