Help with setting up XBMC

Posted by avatarErik last updated February 18, 2006 at 7:39 pm

I got 90% done with no problems however now I can't get the xbmc to detect my network??
Can you ping or FTP into your Xbox with XBMC running? Or is the problem that you can't access your network computers for file streaming using SMB? I'm guess the problem is the latter of the two.
Actually, I have this problem on my personal computer for some unknown reason. What I do (and actually prefer to do) is setup "bookmarks" in the XboxMediaCenter.xml file located at /E/Dashboard/. To edit this file, you must FTP it to your PC then edit it with a text editor, then FTP it back to the Xbox and reboot.
Here is an example of a bookmark to "My Music" on my computer:
   <name>erik (music)</name>
   <path>smb://erik:mypassword@ Music</path>
Make sure you have a user on your computer setup that can access your folder shares. In my example, user:erik with password:mypassword is accessing "My Music" from my computer at
Note: you can actually set up bookmarks within XBMC using your controller, but it's fairly tedious