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So i go in game (any) and try to sing in to Xbox Live. It says Xbox live is not availble Do you want to start troubleshooter. Saying yes brings me to the green "Servuce Required" with a white 21 in the upper left. When I turn it on and go into MS Dashboard and then try to trouble shoot it brings me to LTools. Anyone have any further info or tips?
BTW I am using DHCP on my internal network
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There is nothing wrong with your Xbox; this is normal behaviour for a modified Xbox.
Please read this discussion for more information about Xbox Live and a modified Xbox.
The safest way to use Xbox Live after performing the exploit is to uninstall the exploit. To do this, turn on the Xbox with the eject button to get into the ltools/MXM dashboard and find UXE uninstall. You don't need the Mech Assault game for the uninstall, but will need it to reinstall. XBMC will remain installed throughout this procedure.

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