Miwolife (TM) Handmade Natural Bamboo Wood Case Cover for Apple iPhone 5S / iPhone 5 with The Male Phoenix Pursui Couple Design for Love Gift-2 Cases Pack

Released September, 2013

Product Description



Product Shot 1In oriental culture, phoenixes always appear as a couple, they are classic representative for eternal true love and people's best wishes of "all shall be well".

We designed the cute couple of phoenix to express people's need of love and happiness. Christmas is coming. No one wants to be alone, even the cool immortal phoenix. Why not choose this unique and warm-hearted couple designed case for your family, friends, or even yourself?


Bamboo is evergreen and believed to longer human being's lives. Modern science has proved that it's antimicrobial. With the friction between bamboo surface and our skin and after the absorbing of our sweat, bamboo surface becomes brighter and smoother and our skin gets protection. Bamboo also has special scent. When processing our bamboo iphone case, our craftsmen kept the natural scent of bamboo. Modern composite techniques applied, our phone cases have proved to be hardly cracked.


With 3D Colored Painting Miwolife bamboo iPhone cases are not only phone cases, they will synchronize with the luxes in your wardrobe. Moreover as symbol of art and luxe, they're good choice for personal collecting or special gift to the one you love.


All our materials are natural, so every bamboo iphone case has its unique texture and color which may slightly vary from the picture.

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