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Major change by Omar on June 1st, 2006
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Erik on March 15th, 2006

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If you want to participate in this project sign up for an account with ProductWiki (it's easy). If you want to help shape this project then edit this article or participate in the forums.

1. The Ultimate Mountain Bike Reference Guide

Find it here - work on the guide has just begun (June 1st, 2006)

The main thrust of this project now is to develop an ultimate reference guide to mountain biking.  Areas of Mountain Bike information most relevant to the guide include:
  • Mountain Bike glossary
  • Diagram of a mountain bike with all parts clearly labelled
    • Over time there will probably be multiple diagrams, focusing on different parts of a bike (handle bars, crank, etc)
  • Mountain Bike types overview
    • Examine each of the different kinds of mountain bikes and what kind of rider they cater to (hardtail, full suspension, etc)
  • What are the best frames
    • Which material is best for which purpose
    • How the geometry affects the way the bike handles, and what to look for
  • A detailed look at each component (crank, pedal, grips)
    • What the component does
    • Who makes the best part
    • How to maintain the part
  • General Mountain Bike riding tips
    • where to find good trails
    • how to ride safely
    • etc

2. Project Discussions

3. Adding Bikes to ProductWiki

Since ProductWiki is so new, adding products is one of the best ways to contribute.

Product Naming

It's best to name mountain with the year, manufacturer, and the model in the title. For example, 2006 KHS Alite 2000. In this example, the year is 2006, the manufacturer is KHS, and the product model is Alite 2000.

Do not create a product for all possible frame sizes of each bike, but that could be added as supplementary information.

Product Image

As usual, find one good image of the product that best demonstrates it's likeness. This most likely can be retrieved from the manufacturer's site directly. (White background, side angle is best).


The most important aspects of mountain bikes (as usual) are the manufacturer and price. Price information can be difficult to find, but use resources like Froogle and Shopzilla. Also, it would be useful to find some good online bike retailers to help with the price info.


Try to keep a short product description 3-10 lines of text. If you want to list them as bullet points, then put the bullets inline like this. point 1 • point 2 • point 3  • point 4. If there is a really long spec sheet that you want to add, then you can add it to the bike product page as an article. Remember, this description is only a summary and not used to cover all of the bike information.

3.1 Major Manufacturers

For this project to be considered complete, the complete product lines of the following manufacturers should be added to ProductWiki.

Specialized -

  • Amanie added the complete product line of 2006 mtn bikes
  • Some bike features, and bike type information needs to be cleaned up
    • What cleanup needs to be done? - Omar
      • The Bike Type attributes need to be updated to the new convention (All Mountain, Cross Country, Freeride)
      • The Bike Features attribute needs to be upated to show Front Shocks, Rear Shocks, Disc Brakes...phase out RockShox since it is a specific brand of Shocks
Kona -

  • Amanie added the complete product line
  • Some cleanup needs to be done
    • What specifically needs to be done? - Omar
      • The Bike Type attributes need to be updated to the new convention (All Mountain, Cross Country, Freeride)
      • The Bike Features attribute needs to be upated to show Front Shocks, Rear Shocks, Disc Brakes...phase out RockShox since it is a specific brand of Shocks

KHS - 
  • Erik is going to be adding KHS bikes
  • Complete! March 16th, 2006
KHS has approximately 23 mountains bikes in their 2006 product line. They have divided them into All Mountain, Dirt Jumping, XC Full Suspension, Hardtails, and Youth. These should map to our Bike Types as follows:

KHS Type ProductWiki Type
All mountain All Mountain
Dirt Jumping Freeride
XC Full Supension Cross Country
Hardtails Cross Country
Youth Youth

Jamis -
  • Erik is adding all of the Jamis mountain bikes - Mar. 20 2006
  • Complete! March 20th, 2006
Jamis has 16 mountain bikes listed on this site. Map them as follows:

Jamis Type
ProductWiki Type
Free Ride
Everything Else
Cross Country

Norco -
  • Omar will do these bikes - Mar. 27, 2006
  • Finished (didn't do the 2 trial bikes, because I don't think they're full mountain bikes)
Not sure how many they have, but there is approximately 20 bikes on the site. Map them as follows:

Norco Type
ProductWiki Type
DH Extreme Ride
Free Ride
Shore Freeride
Free Ride
Supercross Free Ride
Trials Free Ride
All Mountain All Mountain
EXC Cross Country Cross Country
Mountain Cross Country

Devinci -

A decent selection of bikes. Again 20+ bikes are listed on this site. The mapping:

Devinci Type
ProductWiki Type
Cross Country
All Mountain
All Mountain
Downhill Free Ride
Freeride Free Ride
Sport Mountain All Mountain

3.2 Mountain Bike Attributes

Bike Features - disc brakes, front shocks, rear shocks, etc.
Bike Frame - the material that the frame is made of. ex: aluminum, Cr-Mo, Scandium, etc.
Bike Type - the general class of mountain bike: ex: all-mountain, cross country, freeride, etc.

4. Resources Wanted (links)

Mountain Bike Authority Sites - Who are the authority sites on the web? Do they have forums/discussions etc? Do they have a lot of reviews?

Mountain Bike Online Shops - Link to some online retailers who sell mountain bikes. How is their pricing? Delivery?

5. Project Contributors

  • Erik  - joined March 15th, 2006
    • I am currently looking to buy a men's and women's mountain bike for around $500. I am going to be adding all of KHS's 2006 product line
    • I haven't been in the market for a mountain bike in quite a while, but am quite excited to get back into it this summer
  • Amanie - previously started this product category
    • Added all of Kona and Specialized mountain bikes for 2006
  • Omar - joined May 30th, 2006
    • Launching the initiative to create the ultimate mountain bike reference guide


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