Thoughts on recent movies

Posted by avatardialupinternetuser last updated January 10, 2008 at 8:05 pm

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

One of those action movies, but is more family friendly. It has a lot of history in it, but overall was just OK. I liked the first one better. A sequel to a Da Vinci code spin off.

No Country For Old Men  

I have not seen yet, but really want to. I probably will end up waiting for it to come out on DVD or downloading it because right now where I live it's only on really late at the theaters. It should be pretty good, and the Cohen (Coen??) brothers make good films. Which leads me to my next movie,

The Big Laboweski 

A movie about a man by the name of Jeffery Laboweski (a.k.a. "The Dude") who is mistaken for another Jeffery Laboweski, a millionaire who's wife owes money to a man by the name of Jakie Treehorn. Treehorn sends men to get the money from Laboweski, but the honchos try to get it from The Dude. They shove the Dude's head in a toilet and then one of them urinates on The Dude's rug. The rest of the movie is about him trying to get his rug back to new. It has some major plot twists and is freakin HALARIOUS. One of the best movies I have ever seen. Watch it, or at least watch "The F**king Short Version" on YouTube.


I haven't heard of the home videos, except for Shooter, which looks good. The rest I will not comment on.