Thoughts on Movie's Yet To Be Released

Posted by avatarOmar last updated April 23, 2008 at 5:05 pm

Iron Man - trailers... I'll admit they look nice. Same thing happened with the video game, and look at the recently released demo. When it comes to "origin" movies Hollywood's track record is less than ideal. The only great super hero movie that has been released in recent times is Batman Begins. X-Men 1 was ok. Spider-Man was ok. Fantastic Four was horrible. Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Elektra, etc etc all crap. Iron Man DOES have potential but that is what will make this all the more disappointing. All the good parts will be in the trailer, which will come from the last 15 minutes of the movie where he finally learns how to use his powers. The first 1.5 hours will be spent "finding himself". Give me a break.

Wall-E - The team behind The Incredibles? Yes please! The animation looks sick, and I think it's going to be a hoooome run. Sorry, not much hate for this one.

Harold & Kumar - I love the first movie and the cult status that it has achieved. It probably helps that I look brown (though ethnically arab) and have many asian friends, so a lot of the inside jokes hit home. The first trailer for this made me die laughing, so I have big hopes for this one. Don't let me down guys.

Street Racer - the ads actually make this look really lame. But it's the Wachowsky's. I rewatched the first Matrix a couple of weeks ago and it's still very awesome. After the semi-failure of the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies I have a feeling their next one (i.e. THIS one) will be the one to redeem themselves. So I'm actually hopeful with this one.

Chronicles of Naria - wow... the first movie sucked. The second movie will suck. SUCK all around!

Sex and the City: The Movie - like my opinion on this movie matters in any way whatsoever. Not that it matters in general, but it matters EVEN less for this movie.

The Incredible Hulk - I like Edward Norton. I think it's going to run into the same problems as Iron Man... but because of my boy Norton I'm keeping my hopes up.

Get Smart - overall it'll probably be pretty stupid, with some funny parts. It COULD be really funny, but "antipicated" hollywood comedies never pan out. Unless it's by the guys that gave you Knocked Up, it's not going to be hilarious. I want hilarious!

One movie that dialup didn't include is... The Pineapple Express.  This movie is going to be SOOOO sick. Here's the trailer