What movies have you seen lately?

Posted by avatarSilenceOmo7 last updated November 13, 2006 at 7:02 pm

Movies I Have Seen Recently

Note: Some of these movies are not in theatres, some of the movies I actually haven't seen recently, and some of them actually are recent theatre releases.

The Grudge

I actually saw this movie two days ago on DVD. I've heard from many a person that this movie is really scary, so I decided to give it a shot. This movie is more creepy than scary. In fact I actually laughed out loud in some of the scenes (a guy almost falls down the stairs after slipping on some blood, funny). I didn't find it scary, but it had a decent story (unlike many a horror film based around cheap tricks to make you jump out of your seat). Check it out if your into the horror flicks. Also, check out The Grudge 2, still in theatres at some places.

Over the Hedge

I will say it now, didn't really enjoy this movie. It has some funny moments, and I know I'm not the target audience, but the movie didn't cut it for me. I would compare it to The Wild, another kids movie I didn't like. Great for little kids though, all my brother and sisters (younger than me by far) laughed at every little joke. I've seen the story a million times (guy steals stuff and has to replace it or he gets dead), most recently in Stuart Little 3 which has the EXACT same story. Good voice acting though (Steve Carrel I'm lookin' at you).

The Da Vinci Code

One of my favorite movies of all time, I loved the book and I loved the movie. The acting is excellent and the story is still compelling even if you have read the book. Many books turn into movies after a while, but this is the one to see. The movie differs from the book every so slightly however. If you don't like lengthy thought inducing movies, you won't like The Da Vinci Code, at about two and a half hours long and in a mystery movie format. Coming out on DVD soon (tommorow if I remember correctly).

World Trade Center

Also one of my favorite movies of all time, this is a heart renching film is based on the events that occured on 9/11/2001. In case someone on earth hasen't heard of this date, this is the day terrorists crashed hijacked passenger planes into both of the Trade Towers in New York and also into the pentagon. One of the worst attacks on American soil ever. The movie follows the story of some of the first responders, risking there lives to help the people inside the burning trade towers. Half of the story is two police officers trapped under the rubble of the now collapsed trade towers, and the other half is there worried families. It is a fitting tribute to those that lost there lives on that day. Good acting throughout, and good visual effects. Nothing was spared to make this movie worthy of the tale it tells. It is shocking, and one of the few movies that brought a tear to my eye. I actually felt patriotic leaving the theatre. Everyone should see this movie, although it is very sad.

Nacho Libre

Recently released on DVD, if you are not a Jack Black fan, you will hate this movie. In fact, even if you are a Jack Black fan, you might hate this movie. It has some funny moments, but most of its humor is based on stupidity and gross out scenes. The wrestleing scenes are even stupid. I am a major Jack Black fan (Tenacious D, School of Rock) and I couldn't see much of the famous humor he puts into his movies and songs. It seemed that he was being towned down for this role. It gets points for having some actuall Lucha Libre wrestlers in the cast. Not very funny.