Thoughts on recent movies

Posted by avatarCharon9 last updated January 30, 2008 at 6:36 pm

Is that good/bad to walk out of the theater, I normally tell them at the box that it s(#)#$* and I want my money back - they do it about 1/2 the time if it is early in the movie.  I love Burton and Depp and Marla (never remember her real name) and really expected a lot out of this movie - a musical was not it though.  A Musical Murder story is demented, I like demented (grin), but this one was just -shrug- dunno.  We made it to the pie shop and walked.  Oh, that is one note, the story seems very changed from the original.

Rambo - I am always reminded of a comedy I saw with a Rambo Returns #152 movie poster when I hear or see that name.

Violence - both.  Yes and No.  War, Death is never pretty and that brings a reality element to it (per se) what is unreal is one guy going through all that and never getting hurt or having the same thing happen to him and I guess that would be my complaint.  In war the other side normally shoots back and the odds are pretty equal in ground combat. I know vets that said saving private ryan was just as close as you could get to what it looked like, without getting shot - these same types laugh at the other stuff for the same reason.
Morbid taste of reality (Warning) - I have hunted a lot, and seen a lot of video most would not want to see - A large cal round is made to penetrate IE: normally is a very high velocity (50 cal is 3,000 FPS / 2,000 MPH); most sniper rounds are not hollow points as that lowers accuracy and range - so you end up with a sharp point bullet going very fast.  To translate; Hit your own leg with a needle as hard as you can / then do the same with a hammer - that is the best way to describe the difference; a bullet will not launch you.  When you shoot a deer, or a person, with a round (normally a 223 or 308 - military standard issue round and sniper round) they will 'jump' from shock and impact - almost the same as jumping to a thunder clap. The only way to transfer that velocity is to stop the bullet - IE: change it to the hammer; then you get the "launch you 30 feet."
That is my complaint and why I vote Gratuitous, and only 3% educational (Violent death aftermath; trauma).