Thoughts on recent movies

Posted by avatarOmar last updated February 5, 2008 at 9:56 am

Cloverfield - This movie is AMAZING. I absolutely loved it. I loved the whole style and the special effects are absolutely insane. It really makes you feel like this is all happening which makes it ridiculously intense. Now it goes without saying - because it's already been said 100 times - the camera IS a shaky mess. I do wish that it was steadier as after the movie I had quite the headache. For some people this will and has been a deal breaker because they just can't stand it. Me, I could stand it, and loved the movie in-spite of it. It's just nuts.

Curse of the Golden Flower - One of the most boring movies ever. Wow. I was expecting some Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon type stuff, but instead I got lame political intrigue. Ok the costumes and sets are beautiful. Very nice. If I wanted to see pretty pictures I'd just watch some more Planet Earth. I want action and Kung-Fu hijinx!

Planet Eath - I downloaded the HD version of the entire series and the family watched it this weekend. Incredible. Everybody needs to watch this. It makes you appreciate the planet so much more and you'll see things you never knew existed.

Looking for Kitty - kind of a lower budget movie done by Edward Burns. He does quite a few of these, not too heavy on story, focusing more on characters in realistic/everyday situations. I like Edward Burns, and I like these movies. They're definitely not for everybody though.