Thoughts on recent movies

Posted by avatarvsaxena911 last updated December 1, 2008 at 12:08 pm

I like horror and ghetto comedies (Ice Cube and Master P movies)! My preference, however, is for creepy surreal horror.

My recent favorite was Popuation 436. It's an eerie thriller starring Jeremy Sisto (guy from Law and Order). I LOVED IT! It's subtle, yet creepy and has that small-town horror feel. It's not horror in the sense of AHHHHHHHHHH, but it's that surreal shit that really delivers a bang. It's essentially the tale of a small town that has maintained a population of exactly 436 people for several centuries. Sisto plays a population censor who stumbles upon the town while trying to collect data for his research. Let's just say that once he arrives, there is no way for him to leave. GOD will not allow it. Watch the rest to see what I mean!

Another favorite of mine is The Wicker Man. Can you imagine a city operated by women? The men in fact serve as 'slaves' to the demands of this matriarchical tribe. If that in itself doesn't leave goosebumps crawling over your skin, then just watch the movie! I warn you... BEWARE!