Television is getting better. Agree or Disagree?

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I totally think television has improved over time. The reason is it spent so many decades breaking through barriers. Subjects such as race, and sexuality can be dealt with head on without being taboo. With channels like HBO, and Showtime shows like The Sopranos, and Sleeper Cell can tell their stories with authenticity instead of hiding what they are really trying to say. Could you imagine a gay black republican on Different Strokes?
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With the cable networks around, regular network TV has been forced to up the ante. So HBO not only made great shows for themselves, they've forced other networks to do the same. However, I'm still trying to figure out how Deal-or-no-Deal, Identity, and 1 vs 100 get made. If there was real trivia there, maybe I could see the point, but I'll never understand the banter. Who wants to watch banter?

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