A walk down musical memory lane

Posted by avatarOmar last updated November 28, 2006 at 9:52 pm

Anime/Jazz Softmix (2002) - I want to dive lost-a mind! Starts off nicely with the opening song to Hajime No Ippo, best show ever! The rest of the CD is the definition of easy listening and elevator music. I've never taken medication before, but I think this is what I would listen to if I was on prozak. So why was I listening to it before? Oh, there's some Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within music on here, very nice!

Unnamed CD 6 - another crazy non-sensical selection of music. Seriously, what the HELL was I thinking. This one is like a recording of Stomp... except instead of trained professional performers you gave the trash cans and drums to monkeys.

Anime mix (1997) - this is straight up cheesy jpop stuff. Wow. I hope anime production has increased over these last years. Man, who knows what my parents were thinking when I was listening to this stuff. The worst part about it? I'm still bopping my head to the high-pitched japanese voices. Andsingingalongtotheenglishsailormoonsongs. Most of this stuff is pretty embarassing, except for... the Akira soundtrack songs! YES! These rock. Damn, I have to go watch Akira now too.
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Man, listening to this I just want to yell out KANEDAAAAA