The end of the one hit wonder?

Posted by avatardakalvia last updated February 26, 2007 at 12:21 pm

In today's forced-pop-culture society, the reason there are so many cookie-cutter over-produced crappy popstars producing more than one hit,  is because they have a lot of money invested in them, and stakeholders demanding a return from the plastic popstars.   So even if they suck (which 99.99999999999% of them do), they HAVE to put out at least 4 songs to make it worth the money to back these made-up money-makers.  It is NOT about the is about selling an ideal to the mushy-minded masses...wear the same clothes and buy the same dog as your favourite star...yippeeee!  All of this makes me want to live in the mountains with my kitty--hey maybe i can be a pop-diva and start a new trend!