A new type of record company

Posted by avatarErik last updated March 5, 2007 at 11:46 am

@Omar: What do you mean you can do this for iTunes? Musicane.com allows independent people to upload, price, sell, and profit from their work. How does iTunes do that? Every freakin' song costs $0.99 because the damn record companies take $0.75 off every song.

@Amanie: I agree that the issue for independent distribution of music is exposure. I want to hear the best music and not just stuff that random stuff people upload. Their needs to be a layer above the distribution. An Internet top 40 kind of thing that doesn't suck REAL BAD!

Internet radio stations that are struggling with the RIAA should jump on this bandwagon and try to be that promotion channel for music. They filter, and promote, the music from sites like musicane.com.

However, a thought just popped into my mind; isn't this how traditional music is promoted and sold using traditional radio and record stores? Won't the new Internet media be corrupted as was the old?