A new type of record company

Posted by avatarviral-knowledge last updated March 5, 2007 at 12:15 pm

musicane.com is the right business model for the new music industry.  the music industry as we knew it is disintegrating.  we no longer have to rely on the 40 songs on radio stations playlist being dominated by the four majors.  the internet has continued to provide music lovers  the ability to communicate with eachoter via social networks, blogs, band sites, im and turn eachother on to new and different artists in a way and speed not possible before.  this is the trojan horse inside the music industry empire.  we now have the power of knowledge of new music unfiltered by the majors...and knowledge of new technologies that empower artists and consumers to cut the middle man...aka majors labels and media companies that control the airwaves.

will.i.am and musicane are part of the few that have already decided to redefine the terms of the deal.  as more and more artists and consumers witness the possibilities you will continue to see this trend grow...it's called "blue ocean strategy"  read the book.