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Unnamed CD 7 (1997) - some awesome stuff on this CD. Old school techno indeed
  • Chicane
  • LTJ Bukem
  • Kosheen
    • DJ Dara remix of Slip and Slide such a sick song
  • Hybrid
  • Way Out West
And this CD includes the greatest track of all time. This thing is around 8 years old! It's nuts. This is a total inside joke among my high school friends but I'm gonna share it anyway because maybe somebody out there will find it funny. We're all dying right now. Here is it.

Unnamed CD 8 (1998) - more electronica stuff, though I think a bit more mainstream this time
  • fatboy slim
    • he had a couple of big hits, but I still don't think people appreciated his album as much as they should've. There were a lot of great songs on the album as a whole.
  • orbital
  • and a bunch of totally unrecognizable stuff, pretty housey though.
Another Dreamcast MP3 CD (2000) - this is definitely one of the geekiest out of the collection.
  • Chrono Cross soundtrack
  • a couple of anime show soundtracks
  • DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) tracks. And we're talking about the original stuff here. Holy crap this stuff is so cheesy it's awesome.
    • Boom Boom Dollar
    • Butterfly
    • Mr. Wonderful
  • Chris Liberator - Acid Sound of Core (VOLUME 5!). Some fast goa acid 303 stuff. I admit I still like the 303 sounds, it's fun to dance to.
  • Ivana Santili. She still sounds awesome. This music is PERFECT to listen to while driving, or playing a racing game like Ridge Racer.
  • Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents Another World. Remember when Paul Oakenfold used to be cool? No? Well there was a time. Some people didn't like him because he was too popular or whatever reasons (lameness maybe?) but I always liked his music. And listening to this reminds me that I still do. Very chill.
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Soundtrack - you guessed it. Another movie that I have to rewatch now. The elegantly haunting sounds from Yo Yo Ma's cello are quite relaxing.
Phew. It's done! That was fun. My original plan for this was to determine what CDs I should throw out. But now, these feelings of nostalgia and memories is making me reluctant to part with them. Damnit, I'm not a very sentimental guy, but going through these music CDs has been like reliving the past 8 years.

One thing's for sure. I have to write something about all the great anime shows from the mid to late 90s that preceded all of this Digimon stuff the kids are watching these days. I'm talking about the 80kbps realvideo Dragonball Z days.

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