Nintendo Announces DS Redesign

Posted by avatarOmar last updated February 4, 2006 at 12:57 pm

Amanie, many people buy handhelds, about the same number that buy consoles actually. In 2005 in the US the numbers are as follows. For Handhelds
  • Nintendo GameBoy Advance  41%  4.26 million
  • Sony PlayStation Portable      35%  3.63 million
  • Nintendo DS                            24%  2.43 million
For consoles
  • Sony PlayStation 2     55%   5.51 million
  • Microsoft Xbox            24%   2.40 million
  • Nintendo GameCube  15%   1.56 million
  • Microsoft Xbox 360       6%   607,343
You can also see that the PSP has sold quite a bit more than the DS. This is due to the PSP's very strong launch which happened in march and carried through the summer. For a good part of the year the DS didn't have many games and subsequently sold rather poorly. However, once the Nintendogs Series of games was released that was the start of a new wave of titles and the DS sales have picked up considerably. In Decemeber, the DS sold around 1.07M and PSP sold around 1.12M.
Now that's just in the US. Europe is a similar story, however the PSP launched there relatively recently just in September, and despite the DS being on sale for many months longer, the PSP has caught up to it. But now they sell on par with one another on a weekly/monthly basis.
Japan is a completely different story. The Nintendo DS is selling a ridiculous number of units week on week. It's the top selling piece of video game hardware over there by a rather large margin, and Nintendo DS titles regularly dominate the top 10 weekly software charts.